QSHE Policy

P.T. Supply and Logistics Co., Ltd. as a scrap management provider for the industrial and business companies has committed to responsible for occupational Health ,safety and environment in both of the internal and the external organization in addition with stakeholders ,communities and societies we undertake as the following ways :

  • To practice in accordance with the law and the occupational health, safety and environmental regulations along with the related standards.
  • To prevent the loss from the accidents, injuries, sickness and the damages from work by controlling and reducing the risks.
  • To control and reduce the environmental impact by preventing the pollution from the origin together with improving the efficiency of using resources and energy.
  • Inventing, continuous developing and ongoing improvement of the scrap management process in order to have the excellence of the occupational health, safety and work friendly to the environment.
  • Integrating in safety and environmental management following the international standards in order to highly perform and continuously develop the system.
  • The Executive Officer would commit to encourage the resource and budget includes all employees at all level would strictly follow the policy as the announcement.